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Back to School Tips for the Mile-Saving Student

Back to School Tips for the Mile-Saving Student


Even though it feels like summer just started yesterday, getting ahead for the school year is always a good idea! Whether you’re starting college, going back, or still pushing through high school, taking advantage of your free time this summer can give you peace of mind for the road ahead. 

Today, these tips are for the college student that will be driving back to school, but might not be putting a lot of miles on it while they’re there. If this seems like you, your car might be sitting for long periods of time while you are away at school, so these 3 tips will help keep your car in the best condition while you’re not driving it. 


  1. Battery 

Make sure you have a strong battery that is fully charged. Unplug all phone chargers, accessories, etc. that might be plugged into your car. They may not seem like they draw any power, but some accessories have functions like lights that will continue going even if the car is powered off. Even if they don’t, it’s a good habit to keep just in case. If your car will be sitting for extended periods of time and you want to go the extra mile, you can also disconnect your battery.


  1. Additives

Add an additive to your engine oil as well as your fuel tank. For the engine we use ‘BG MOA’. This will provide superior engine protection while your car is sitting. When we drive our car on a daily basis, oil stays in the cavities and on the top end engine components. When we go long periods of time without driving, it gives the oil enough time to completely drain to the engine's crankcase (or oil pan). This causes a “dry start up”, and doing that too many times is like running your engine without oil. MOA adds a coating to the components so that they don't drain off when the vehicle sits for longer periods of time, so you won’t have a dry start up. 

For fuel stabilizer, such as a BG 44K. This product will treat your fuel, and keep 

the fuel from becoming stale over time. It also helps keep your fuel injectors clean and lubricated throughout the tank.


  1. Inspection

Get your car inspected before you leave. It's better to have your car serviced and inspected by a shop that you know and trust rather than feeling lost away from home. Be sure to let your advisor know that you are off to college and the vehicle will be sitting for long periods of time. Providing the proper knowledge will really help them help you. 

We also have a network of shops that we build relationships with across the country. If you let us know where you will be heading off to, we can certainly get you in touch with a shop near you that you can trust.


If you’re a more active driver when you go to school, check back with us next Tuesday for tips more suited to you!

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