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Fixing Your A/C: How to Keep Your Car Cool for the Summer

After a long, cold winter, it’s easy to forget about our cars’ air conditioning systems–until the first hot day of the year, when we look forward to a nice icy blast to cool us off. Of course, oftentimes our A/C chooses the worst moments like this to fail and blow hot air instead of the cold we’re looking for. In our A/C blogs this week, we’ll give you the top 6 possible problems that can cause your air conditioner to blow hot air instead of cold.


Low Refrigerant


The refrigerant in your vehicle, often Freon, is what keeps your car cool. It circulates through the A/C system, and removes heat and humidity as it expands and contracts. The system is sealed and airtight, so your refrigerant supply should not be able to evaporate or get used up, so if your levels are low, something is definitely wrong. Without the right freon level, none of the components of your A/C system will work properly.     


A/C System Leak


A low refrigerant level might indicate a leak in your system. Before you recharge your system with more freon, you’ll need to find and repair the source of the leak first. It might not be easy to spot, so it’s best to have an expert look at your system to make sure everything is repaired correctly. Freon is extremely harmful to the environment if it leaks into the atmosphere, so visit us at Honest Wrenches as soon as possible to prevent harm to our planet and to get your cool air blowing again!


Electronic failure


With today’s complex systems, electronic failure is definitely an option. Many sensors, switches, and actuators control the electrical side of your A/C. If just one of those elements isn’t working as it should, it can cause a domino effect, causing the system to fail and you’ll be sitting in front of an air vent blowing hot air instead of cold air. 


Stick with us, and on Wednesday we’ll share our final reasons for your A/C blowing hot air. 

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