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Road Tripping for the Holidays?

The holiday season is practically here! If you’re getting ready to visit home, visit loved ones, or simply find your way to a delicious seasonal feast, here’s how to make sure your vehicle is ready to get you to your destination.


Start System


    Have your battery/starting/charging system checked. Your battery provides electrical power to start the engine, stabilizes voltage for the charging system, and supplies additional current to the charging system. It’s always good to catch a weak battery before you get on the highway, rather than having it fail while you’re on your trip.


Emergency Kit


    If our tips missed something in your vehicle, or something unforeseen happens and you find yourself in a sticky situation, having a kit with all the necessities will hold you over until help arrives. In this kit, you’ll at least want to pack some blankets, drinking water, snacks, first aid, and reflective triangles. You should have one of these kits in your car during all seasons, but in the winter, you’ll want to add a few extra crucial supplies to make sure you have everything you need in case you get caught in the cold: things like an ice scraper, extra antifreeze, a snow shovel and/or a bag of sand, and extra warm clothes like extra socks, jackets, hats, or gloves. You never know when you’ll need these tools, but it’s better to have them in your vehicle just in case. 


Clean and Organize


    No one wants to take a road trip in a cluttered car. Not only that, but extra unneeded cargo adds extra weight to your vehicle and uses more gas, and getting the most out of your fuel mileage is crucial on a long trip. This will also allow you to better organize your luggage (gotta make sure you can pack extra pairs of sweatpants for your post Thanksgiving nap!), so that everyone can sit comfortably, and if you can, keep your belongings from blocking your rear view so that you can drive as safely as possible. 


By taking extra preparations to get your vehicle ready for your drive, you can have peace of mind in getting to your destination safely, and you can focus on singing your favorite holiday tunes, looking forward to good food, and getting ready for all of the holiday festivities!

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