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The Honest Take On Extended Warranties


Last week, we started our deep dive into extended warranties and their pros and cons. The main takeaway being that often, most extended warranty companies are benefiting more from your purchase of a warranty than you are. The chances that your warranty will be able to cover what you need to be covered in the time span of the warranty are fairly low, meaning that your money has gone straight into that company’s pocket without it being used on your vehicle. 


If you do happen to be covered under warranty and the extended warranty company accepts fault, we have seen many companies fight and argue with us over the quality of the parts we are allowed to use, even seeing requests to install used parts. We would never want to install a used part into your vehicle, and we know that as our clients, you expect the best from us. As your trusted auto shop, we’ll represent you in these circumstances to try to ensure that we get you a quality part that matches the quality of the factory's original part and will not compromise your vehicle in any way. When we work with these companies, they often claim that our intent to deliver service how it should be is an attempt to overcharge or take advantage of the situation, when we’re really just using a new, quality part. We would never want to send our customers back on the road in an unsafe or badly repaired vehicle, especially because we don’t want you to have to come back for the same problem when the used, poor-quality replacement part fails. This can be a struggle, as many of these extended warranty companies try to make the most bang off of your buck, but we stand behind our service and our own Honest Wrenches warranty.


So, say you choose not to purchase an extended warranty based on all this information you’ve found here on the Honest Wrenches blog–how do you protect yourself and your vehicle without a warranty? Our solution is a straightforward and simple fix: take the money that you would have spent on the extended warranty, and instead, set it aside for safekeeping, your own little warranty! Now, when your car needs repairs, you don’t have to cross-check with your warranty coverage or take the gamble that the company will ensure quality parts and care. Instead of taking the chances of a warranty, we’re flipping the odds to our benefit, so that you see your money put to good use. 


At Honest Wrenches, you can trust that we’re on your side. We always want to make sure you’re safe, taken care of, and given transparent information on your vehicle–because that’s how service should be. 

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