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What Are The Warning Signs of an Aging Timing Belt?

You get into your vehicle after a long day, put the key into the ignition, and then nothing. Your vehicle didn't start! While there could be several different causes, an aging timing belt could be the issue.

The timing belt lets the crankshaft and camshaft work together to allow your vehicle's engine valves and engine pistons to work in sync. If your timing belt has aged too much, it can even cause engine failure in your vehicle.

Because a timing belt is such a critical component to your engine, you may be wondering how to tell if your timing belt is aging.

Here are 5 warning signs of an aging timing belt:

Engine Not Starting

Unfortunately, one of the signs that you timing belt has aged is if your engine does not start. If your timing belt is in bad enough shape, it will not allow the engine to fire.

Ticking Noise

Another common sign of an aging timing belt is a ticking noise from underneath the hood. When the timing belt begins to fail, the engine system falls out of sync and the ticking noise can occur.

Engine Misfire

If your timing belt is going bad, you may notice your engine misfiring. This is due to the engine valves opening/closing out of sync.

Oil Leak

While there could be several different causes for an oil leak, when your timing belt is damaged, oil may be able to leak through it.

Vehicle not Performing as Usual

Lastly, if your vehicle has poor performance, it may be a sign of an aging timing belt. You may notice decreased fuel efficiency, exhaust smoke, or a rough-sounding engine.

Summary: Warning Signs of an Aging Timing Belt

The timing belt is a critical component to your vehicle's engine. If it's in bad shape, it can cause engine failure. The main warning signs of an aging timing belt are your vehicle not starting, a ticking noise, your engine misfiring, an oil leak, or your vehicle not performing as usual.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these signs, bring it into our auto shop today to have it checked out!

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