Winter To Spring For You And Your Vehicle


With the weather in Midwestern winters, sometimes it’s worse before it gets better. With the chilly temps and the snow we’ve gotten in these past few weeks, it can be good to take precautions to make sure your vehicle makes it through the last bits of winter and is ready for the spring!

Start System

Have your battery/starting/charging system checked. Your battery provides electrical power to start the engine, stabilizes voltage for the charging system, and supplies additional current to the charging system. It’s always good to catch a weak battery before you get on the highway, rather than having it fail while you’re on your trip.

Emergency Kit

If our tips missed something in your vehicle, or something unforeseen happens and you find yourself in a sticky situation, having a kit with all the necessities will hold you over until help arrives. In this kit, you’ll at least want to pack some blankets, drinking water, snacks, first aid, and reflective triangles. You should have one of these kits in your car during all seasons, but in the winter, you’ll want to add a few extra crucial supplies to make sure you have everything you need in case you get caught in the cold: things like an ice scraper, extra antifreeze, a snow shovel and/or a bag of sand, and extra warm clothes like extra socks, jackets, hats, or gloves. You never know when you’ll need these tools, but it’s better to have them in your vehicle just in case.

Seasonal Tune-Up

Even with all of these precautions, it’s good to double and triple-check that everything is in working order in your vehicle. We’ll make sure of that, and find any underlying issues that can cause you trouble in the long run. With our full system test, you can be sure that we’ll find anything and everything going on in your vehicle and provide you with the information to make the best decisions for you and your car. We’re here for you because that’s how service should be.

So whether you’re making sure your vehicle can hang on through these rough remnants of winter, or looking forward to the season ahead, you can rely on us here at Honest Wrenches to keep you safe on the road.

Photo by Honest Wrenches

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